China Inroads supports innovative European high-tech companies with the realization of a sustainable cooperation in China with relevant, reliable partners and distributors.

We support machinery manufacturers that provide technological custom-made solutions in fields such as food processing, energy- and environmental technology and waste processing.

Would you like to enter the Chinese market or intensify your current cooperation? In that case, China Inroads – with its extensive local network and relevant expertise – is a valuable partner to help you take that step.

China Inroads offers its services from our offices in Utrecht, Shanghai and Beijing.

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Relevant Market Research

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Workshop business culture

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Local representation

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Market entry strategy

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High-quality partner search

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Recruitment of local personnel

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Relevant Market Research

What is the most effective way for your company to enter the Chinese market? And how is your competition doing in China?

If you are looking for answers to such specific questions, online sources on general trends are not only scarce, but most are inaccurate or dated. China Inroads has offices in China and has access to local players and governments to obtain this often sensitive information.

Result: relevant information that helps you to decide the best strategy for you to enter the Chinese market most effectively.

Market entry strategy

Are you convinced of the possibilities China has to offer for your company? In that case, China Inroads is pleased to use her expertise and work out a strategy for market entry. Clear action points help you to step by step enter the Chinese market or further develop your existing business operations.

Result: a solid strategy for entering the Chinese market.

Workshop business culture

A clear image of the Chinese business culture enhances your chances of success in China. Our interactive workshops are adjusted to your specific needs on this subject. China Inroads draws from its own experiences and elaborates on your specific situation. This way, you can directly apply the knowledge gained in the workshop and impress your Chinese business relations.

Result: improved skills which lead to a smoother cooperation with your Chinese partner(s) and/or colleagues.

High-quality partner search

What does your business truly need in a Chinese business partner? Which revenue models do you have in mind? On the basis of such questions we will together make a profile of your ideal business partner. With your wishes in mind we will use our network to get in touch with relevant players in the field. A search of approximately 3 months results in a carefully selected shortlist of potential partners.

After you have selected the right business partner, China Inroads supports you in the negotiations that work towards a solid business model that fits both parties.

Result: the start of sustainable cooperation with a reliable business partner.

Local representation

To successfully do business in China, a firm foothold of your company in the Chinese market is essential. If located in Europe, is it not always possible to directly respond to ad hoc events in the market and cultural and language barriers are difficult to bridge. Therefore, China Inroads represents your business activities in China. Our local team manages your business contacts and expands your business network. They know what is happening in the companies you cooperate with. This way, you will always have access to reliable information enabling you to react fast and accurate to the dynamic developments crucial for your business activities in China.

Result: a firm foothold of your company in the Chinese market, which enables you to react fast and accurate to important events.

Recruitment of local personnel

When your activities in China bear fruit, you may need to expand your business with a local team. In that case, China Inroads recruits your staff and manages your employee(s) locally. Based on detailed hiring requirements provided by you, China Inroads recruits suitable candidates. We support you in the selection of local employees by being present during job interviews and with onboarding after. This allows you to ask the right questions without being hindered by possible cultural differences.

Result: knowledgeable and reliable local employees who contribute to the expansion of your business in China.

About China Inroads

To establish a successful cooperation between European and Chinese companies, a mediating party with reliable and professional representatives in China is indispensable. Sinologist Valérie Hoeks became convinced of this during the over 16 years of experience living and working in China as a mediator. As co-founder of China Inroads, she now works together with her team to support European companies that want to establish or intensify cooperation with a Chinese partner.

China Inroads has offices in Utrecht, Shanghai and Beijing. From these locations, our team closely monitors and effectively deals with situations in both China and Europe. With shareholders in both China and the Netherlands, China Inroads has a firm foothold in both countries.

Why China Inroads?

The best network in your industry
A relevant local network is key in finding a reliable business partner in China. China Inroads possesses one such valuable network, especially players in the fields such as food processing, energy- and environmental technology and waste processing. China Inroads knows how to best use this network to find serious and reliable parties who fit your business vision and need.

Not a consultant, but a partner for success
Our services exceed the sharing of knowledge on the business opportunities in China. We conduct research on the Chinese market with the specific needs of your company as a starting point and stand at your side at every stage of your business’ roll out in China. This includes mediation to get to an agreement or strategic and communicative support in the cooperation thereafter.

Relevant expertise in your field
China Inroads has offices in the Netherlands and China. Our employees have many years of experience with the dynamic cooperation between East and West. We know the unwritten laws of the Chinese business culture and speak the language of the Chinese business partners, both cultural and linguistic.

  • Valérie Hoeks

    Valérie studied Sinology and is co-founder of China Inroads. She has been active in China since 2000. Valérie aims to establish successful longterm cooperation between European innovative clients and their Chinese counterparts. She travels to China on a regular basis.

  • Yalin Chen

    Yalin, our Beijing based Senior Consultant, finished an MBA program in Australia. With sound experience in operation, sales & marketing and consultancy, Yalin is essential to our clients. Yalin lived in France, the UK and Hong Kong and speaks Chinese, French and English.

  • Seprina Xue

    As Chinese shareholder of China Inroads, Seprina is responsible for the implementation of the projects taking place in and around Shanghai. Seprina is very driven and capable of building the communicative bridge between our European clients and their Chinese partners and clients.

  • Dorrit Sliepen

    Dorrit has a Master degree in Law & Technology and has studied in China for two years, both in Beijing and Shanghai. Dorrit did an internship in Yangling (Shaanxi province). As a Project Manager Dorrit runs ongoing projects with great passion.

  • Vicky Weng

    Vicky studied in Rotterdam and started as a trainee in our office in The Netherlands. She has gotten familiar with Dutch business culture and uses this knowledge in her daily work as project assistant in our office in Shanghai. Vicky is an essential part of our team thanks to her passion and determination.


'We have been cooperating with China Inroads for many years, they helped us understand the Chinese way of working, which led to strategical partnerships, enabling us to spread our wings in China. China Inroads is so much more than a typical consultant, it’s a trustworthy partner; constructive, supportive, straight forward and critical where needed both towards our business partners and to us.'

Erik de Wild

Managing Director Concept Engineers

Concept Engineers develops innovative tailor-made optical sorting solutions.

'If you want to be successful in China, you need to have complete trust in your product and the partner you are cooperating with. For us, the professional guidance by China Inroads contributed greatly to accomplishing that.'

Tonnie Smits

CEO of Smicon

Smicon produces high-end equipment for food waste recycling. Smicon has an international sales network. China Inroads has supported Smicon to work towards a long-term relationship with their Chinese partner.

‘Due to the excellent local network of China Inroads, we found a strong joint venture partner in China we expect to work with for the coming years!’

Daan Oomen

Founder & Creative Director at Live Legends

Live Legends is a rapidly growing company that creates shows, from concept to execution. They work for a great variety of international brands such as Heineken, Enexis, KLM and have also been involved in China-related projects. In order to realize long term Chinese clients, Live Legends needed to be present locally on a more structural basis while using their resources in an efficient way. China Inroads supported Live Legends in finding a strategic partner and provides ongoing strategic advice.

'The approach of China Inroads made it possible for us to have our own office in China without large investments and to mitigate cultural differences & language limitations.'

Mark van Welsen

Managing Director at Duiker Combustion Engineers

When Duiker and China Inroads started their collaboration, Duiker was already active on the Chinese market through a local sales employee. Due to the sales success, Duiker needed a local employee for a combined function of Field Service Engineer and Quality Control & Expediting Engineer. Moreover, they needed a party to take care of back-office services including recruitment and all necessary paperwork.

‘During the state visit of Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to China, the business delegation was very pleased with the matches you and your team have made.’

Ada Cheang

Former Commercial Officer, Economic and Commercial Department Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Shanghai

China Inroads was hired by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing and the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai during the Royal Dutch Trade Mission in 2015. China Inroads organized matchmaking for the participating Dutch companies in various industries, facilitating meetings with suitable Chinese companies.

‘China Inroads plays a very important advisory and executive role for us and opens doors that otherwise remain closed.’

Heiko Conze

Director International Partnerships at Ice-World International

Ice-World is a manufacturer of mobile aluminum ice rinks. The company annually rents out and sells hundreds of mobile ice rinks worldwide. Ice-World was looking for a long-term partner on the Chinese market that has access to local property and large projects. China Inroads and Ice-World explored the opportunities and found a suitable partner.

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