China Inroads is the ideal strategic partner for companies at a crossroads with their Chinese business relations.

How? By providing strategic guidance at management level, steering negotiations and acting as your executive partner when it matters most. Essential during takeovers, mergers and to optimise the collaboration with Chinese investors, JV partners, or distributors.

Strategy consulting

Strategy consulting

China Inroads collaborates at the executive level to solve complex China-related business challenges. Our goal is achieving long-term success and growth for our clients.

"Valérie Hoeks is a very pleasant business partner for Chinese accounts. She is competent, experienced, speaks fluent Chinese and can act swiftly and proactively. She quickly comprehends complex issues related to working with Chinese partners and is a great advisor. This is true in real-time, in meetings in China, as well as in the Netherlands. Valérie has a vast network in China which enables her to provide answers to highly specialist questions too."

Executive coaching

Executive coaching

Valérie Hoeks is an experienced executive coach and sparring partner at C-suite level. Providing valuable insights and strategies to improve collaboration with your Chinese counterparts.

"During the integration of Tanatex and our Chinese parent company Transfar, Valérie proved to be a valuable coach and sparring partner for our management team. Using her broad experience and refreshing outlook, Valérie helps us make the right decisions at both the strategic and operational levels."

Executive partner

Executive partner

With a diplomatic and hands-on approach, China Inroads finds strategic solutions to disputes with your Chinese partner in Europe or China. Our team's insights and experience help you effectively respond to local developments.

"Valérie and her team play an essential role in the collaboration between us and our Chinese partner. China Inroads prides itself on its proactive approach and way of working. Communication with our partner has improved and become more intensive, which provides us with valuable insights into the current state of affairs in China."

China Inroads' clients include:

China Inroads

China Inroads was co-founded in 2010 by seasoned sinologist Valérie Hoeks. China Inroads provides customized strategic solutions for European companies at a crossroads with their Chinese partners (takeovers, mergers, investors, JV partners, distributors, agents).

By collaborating at the executive level, Valérie and her team of local specialists help European companies solve complex China-related business challenges and achieve long-term growth in the evolving Chinese market.

Valérie Hoeks

During her first visit to China in 2000, Valérie Hoeks was fascinated by the energy of the country and its people. Their resourcefulness and tenacity motivated Valérie to complete her Sinology Masters and spend the next twenty years gaining valuable experience in the Chinese business world. Valérie is energized by working with ambitious and innovative companies that want to increase their impact on the ever-changing Chinese market. She is a skilled strategist, mediator and management coach with a keen understanding of the Chinese market and ways of working.
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