Workshop business culture

A clear image of the Chinese business culture enhances your chances of success in China. Our interactive workshops are adjusted to your specific needs on this subject. China Inroads draws from its own experiences and elaborates on your specific situation. This way, you can directly apply the knowledge gained in the workshop and impress your Chinese business relations.

Result: improved skills which lead to a smoother cooperation with your Chinese partner(s) and/or colleagues.

High-quality partner search

What does your business truly need in a Chinese business partner? Which revenue models do you have in mind? On the basis of such questions we will together make a profile of your ideal business partner. With your wishes in mind we will use our network to get in touch with relevant players in the field. A search of approximately 3 months results in a carefully selected shortlist of potential partners.

After you have selected the right business partner, China Inroads supports you in the negotiations that work towards a solid business model that fits both parties.

Result: the start of sustainable cooperation with a reliable business partner.