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China Inroads supports innovative companies in their expansion to the Chinese market. “China belongs to the Chinese.” This philosophy is the guidance for how we match companies with the right parties and markets in China, to create a successful and effective venture.

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Going local‘ is a well-known motto for a good reason: being successful on the Chinese market requires a firm foothold. With a local, strong base that is deeply rooted in Chinese society, you can quickly and accurately respond to dynamic developments in China.

The key is that your company can concentrate on its core activities in China as China Inroads will take care of the daily paperwork and back office operations.

In addition, China Inroads can offer office facilities in Beijing or another locations in China as needed. Recruitment of local employees is part of our services, based on a detailed profile put together by you. Together we will select the most appropriate candidate who, pay-rolled by China Inroads, is managed by your company. This is the way to set foot in the Chinese market and stay optimally informed. China Inroads acts as your local strategic partner.

Go local
with the Chinese

with new people

China Inroads’ work is based on trust and personal contact. We conduct matchmaking activities based on a detailed profile, created in one-on-one conversations with your company. China Inroads will assess and mirror your company in order to determine the qualities of your ideal partner and / or customer.

Our job however is not finished with the completion of the matchmaking. China Inroads will support you in achieving long lasting relationships. We will assist you through important calls and protect you against the on-going complexity of doing business in China. In addition, China Inroads, in cooperation with trusted local law firms, offers the necessary legal support.

The road
to success

China Inroads is a local strategic partner for its clients. We assist you in setting up a sound strategy and its implementation. Therefore during the entire process – from start to finish – we are deeply involved in your China activities. What starts with detailed market research, often goes further with the necessary services to provide ongoing support, all designed to service you.

Even after the first introduction to local parties, China Inroads is always available to support further implementation. Through our local presence and current network in China, we can assist you with other ad hoc questions and problems on the spot. We think along with you continuously and (un)asked on the right approach for your company in China.

Move ahead
with China Inroads

“China belongs to the Chinese.” We believe that companies doing business with Chinese, making use of local resources, will be the most successful and effective.

Within the next five years, China Inroads aims at becoming the ideal strategic partner for innovative SMEs. China Inroads will operate in a practical, no-nonsense way, together with customers and local Chinese parties.

We propose a tailor-made approach, specifically focused on the activities and objectives of your business. China Inroads acts as your local, strategic partner that takes care of daily management in China and provides advice proactively. We offer your company the most appropriate marketing approach that allows you to build sustainable and balanced long-term relationships in China.

  • Marinus Maaskant

    With his extended experience in international consulting and coaching projects, Marinus plays a crucial role in the strategic approach to our customers in China. Marinus primarily lives in Beijing.

  • Valérie Hoeks

    Valérie studied Sinology and has been active in China since 2000. Valérie creates a bridge between customer requirements and the implementation of projects in China. She is also responsible for our office in Amsterdam.

  • Anita Qingli Wang

    With years of experience in international strategic management consulting and investment projects in China and a Master degree from the Beijing University of International Business and Economics, Anita is essential to the team. She manages our China Inroads office in Beijing.

  • Seprina Xue

    With a Master degree in Business English, Seprina Xue supports our team from Shanghai. She is responsible for top quality translations, interpreting, consulting and implementation of projects

  • Wenli Kong

    Wenli has a Bachelor in Business Studies and a Master in Marketing Research. At the Amsterdam office of China Inroads, she is responsible for market research, managing and implementing projects.

  • Pooi Ji Hang

    Pooi Ji has a BA in China Studies and obtained a MSc degree in Chinese Economy & Business from Rotterdam Erasmus University. Pooi Ji is project manager at the Amsterdam office of China Inroads and is responsible for planning and implementation.

  • Liu Liu

    After Liu Liu finished her MBA program at the Adelphi University in New York, she joined our China Inroads office in Beijing. Liu Liu is responsible for the planning of our projects and additionally engaged in translations and market research activities

  • Lin Lin Zhao

    Lin Lin strengthens our team in Beijing and works wholeheartedly on market research and back office operations for our customers. Lin Lin is also the essential right hand of Anita.

  • Renee Zhu

    With a Bachelor degree in Economics from the Renmin University, Renee is supporting our activities from our Beijing office. She stays in contact with our Chinese ‘guanxi’ and manages requests from China and the Netherlands.

  • Li-Anne Krol

    Having finished a Bachelor and a Master Chinastudies, Li-Anne is now responsible for internal and external communication at the China Inroads office in Amsterdam. Her experiences in journalism and communication skills are also very useful in writing our monthly newsletter.

  • Shanshan Zhang

    Shanshan Zhang has a Bachelor degree in International Business from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. At China Inroads Amsterdam, her responsibilities include providing translations, doing online marketing research and supporting ongoing projects.

  • Lisa van Baar

    Lisa obtained a Bachelor degree Chinastudies at the University of Leiden and studied in China for two years. She provides assistance for ongoing projects and research, writes the daily news updates and manages our website at China Inroads in Amsterdam.

We Go the
extra mile

We think proactively and creatively and offer (un)solicited advice on various issues that companies encounter before, during and after entry to the Chinese market. Where a consultant offers advice from a distance for a specified period of time, China Inroads believes in a more local, long-term relationship. We like to act as your important local strategic partner.

We are only satisfied when you, our client, are (more than) satisfied. You may therefore expect the ‘extra mile‘ at all times from us. We work hard on your projects, thoroughly investigate the matter and help you achieve your project and goals.

By keeping our eyes always open for opportunities and / or threats, combined with our personal no-nonsense approach, China Inroads offers you long-term support that goes beyond one-sided advice. We will walk the extra mile for you!


Here you find a selection of our clients. China Inroads supports innovative companies in their expansion to the Chinese market. Thanks to our extended network of local partners, investors and clients in China, we are capable of serving companies active in a great variety of industries.

You will cooperate with our team in Amsterdam, Beijing and Shanghai, working towards your joint longterm success.

The_Unit_logo_CI-04The_Unit_logo_CI-07The_Unit_logo_CI-11 is a fast growing e-commerce company which offers European rail passes. They are owned by 32 European rail carriers and shipping companies like the Dutch NS, Deutsche Bahn and the French SNCF.

Challenge is based in the Netherlands, with fulfilment centers operating from the U.S.A., Ireland and Singapore. As a fast growing e-commerce company they are always looking for new markets and opportunities. is dedicated to the worldwide online sales of European Rail Passes. Because of the rapidly growing potential for sales of European train passes, China became a new focus region.

Client reference

“The last couple of months we have been working on the preparation for our partnership with Alibaba Inc. will be the first European company opening a Chinese shop at China Inroads was a great help for us during the selection process for a Chinese service provider. They helped us with checking references and conducted background research to the shortlist of companies we came up with. They acted fast and delivered a detailed report based on which we could take a well-advised decision. We signed up with a great service provider and kicked off our online shop development with them. We will definitely work with China Inroads in the future, they did a great job.”

Remco Bruins, Manager Business Development at

The Unit Showcontrol

The Unit Showcontrol is a rapidly growing company that creates shows. They take their clients through the whole course of creation, from concept to execution. They work for a great variety of international brands such as Heineken, Enexis, KLM and have also been involved in China-related projects.


The Unit Showcontrol already had several contacts in China and found that the Chinese market showed great potential for the Dutch lighting industry. However, in order to realize long term Chinese clients, The Unit Showcontrol needed to be present locally on a more structural basis while using their resources in an efficient way. China Inroads supported The Unit Showcontrol in finding a strategic partner.

Client reference

“Due to the strategy of China Inroads of connecting worlds and serving mutual benefits, we found a strong partner in China we expect to work with for the coming years! Their excellent local network has brought us to our current joint venture partner and additional interesting leads. China Inroads has an enthusiastic team with a variety of personalities that has a young and creative spirit, but also the knowledge and experience needed for paving the way in an exiting market!”

Daan Oomen, Founder & Creative Director at The Unit Showcontrol


Holland Casino

The Chinese population living in the Netherlands and visitors from China are highly appreciated guests for Holland Casino, therefore one of their key-strategies was to investigate the requirements and wishes of the Chinese people, improving the total service package of Holland Casino.


Chinese people in general are not keen on sharing their opinion with strangers, therefore it is difficult to map their specific needs. To develop the right approach for a successful product and service package suitable for the Chinese people, a thorough market investigation was necessary. China Inroads conducted in-depth interviews with the target group to identify their specific requirements and wishes.

Client reference

“China Inroads provided us with a clear and comprehensive report with practical and realistic recommendations. Thanks to their network China Inroads was able to get in contact with the specific target groups within the Chinese population living in the Netherlands. Through in-depth interviews they have provided us with very valuable insights. However, China Inroads is not just another market research company. In a short time they got to understand our business and were therefore able to connect the gathered insights with business sense, resulting in a strong and well-motivated advice.”

Jan Paul van Heemskerck van Beest, Director Marketing & Sales at Holland Casino

Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Thanks to the varied experience in supporting western SMEs on the Chinese market, combined with the knowledge about the Chinese language and culture, China Inroads provides custom-made interactive workshops for companies and universities that want to smoothen their business cooperation with the Chinese.


Hanze University closely cooperates with Chinese agents based in China through whom they welcome Chinese students to study in the Netherlands. Hanze University realizes that long-distance relationships with agents on the one hand and cultural differences between teachers and Chinese students on the other hand, can hamper the communication process. Therefore, Hanze University invited China Inroads to give a workshop in which participants gain profound knowledge of the Chinese business culture.

By looking at personal cases, we thoroughly discussed the relations between the university and the Chinese agents and students.

Client reference

“Because Hanze University of Applied Sciences welcomes a considerable amount of Chinese students every year, we place great importance on knowing their background and culture. Through a partner of our university, we found the company China Inroads whose workshop proved to be very useful. Their up to date information and personal experiences in China were the foundation of the training. It was a very interesting experience, which illustrated the world behind the Chinese smile.”

Adriana Grimme, International Coordinator at Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Duiker Combustion Engineers B.V.

Duiker Combustion Engineers specialises in designing, supplying and installing a range of liquid and gaseous fuel process burners for oil refining, chemical and natural gas processing industries.


When Duiker and China Inroads started collaboration, Duiker was already active on the Chinese market through a local sales employee since 10 years. Due to the sales success, Duiker needed a local employee for a combined function of Field Service Engineer and Quality Control & Expediting Engineer. Moreover, they needed a party to take care of back-office services including recruitment, payroll services and all necessary paperwork.

Client reference

“Our co-workers have been very successful in the Chinese market. The way China Inroads conducts her business demonstrates a professional, realistic and pro-active attitude. Their approach made it possible for us to have our own office in China without large investments and to mitigate cultural differences & language limitations. Moreover China Inroads acts as an advisor about potential chances or threats related to our Chinese market and we benefit from their local network. In short China Inroads could also stand for Co-operative & Intelligence. The cooperation between our operations in the Netherlands, the employees in Beijing and China Inroads, who act as a payrolling agent (and more), is flawless.”

Mark van Welsen, Managing Director at Duiker Combustion Engineers B.V.

Ice-World International B.V.

Ice-World is a manufacturer of mobile aluminum ice rinks. The company annually rents out and sells hundreds of mobile ice rinks worldwide. Ice-World provides a great ice-experience for its visitors around the globe.


Ice-World wishes to concur the Chinese market for temporary ice rink events. Due to specifics of the Chinese market, the traditional “local dealers renting out” business model that Ice-World normally uses is not suitable. Instead, cooperation with (a) strong local partner(s) that has/have access to local property and large projects in China seemed the most relevant approach to enter the Chinese market successfully. Ice-World hired China Inroads to set up an approach for joint exploration of the opportunities in China.

Client reference

“China Inroads provided clear and objective advice on specific aspects of entering the Chinese market. Through a comprehensive roadmap, China Inroads pictured the entire process from cradle to grave, taking into account specific factual and cultural aspects. Through in-depth market research, resulting in potential local partnerships, China Inroads supports us in the search for the right business partners. The first partnership was successfully established and more potential partners are pending to cover other (geographical) markets in China. China Inroads plays a very important advisory and executive role for us and opens doors that otherwise remain closed.”

Neil Simmons, former CEO of Ice-World International

New Chinatown Almere B.V.

New Chinatown Almere is a construction project initiated by Freek Schaefers and Mirck Architecture. A new and modern Chinatown will be built in the centre of Almere City, a young growing city in the Netherlands, creating an inspiring environment.


Within this new Chinatown different objects will be built, such as a hotel, housing, boutiques, office space etc. For some of these objects, investors need to be found. Because of the current financial crisis, it is difficult to attract investors in Europe, therefore New Chinatown Almere started investigating cooperation with potential Chinese investors.

Client reference

“Through China Inroads, New Chinatown Almere got into contact with several potential investors in China. China Inroads took care of the introductions and supported the negotiations when we visited Beijing to meet these investors in person and discuss opportunities for cooperation. China Inroads showed that they were a trustworthy partner and worked hard to bring our shared ambitions to a success. I have faith in China Inroads and already introduced them to several of my contacts that have the ambition to expand their business in China as well. “

Freek Schaefers, Founder of New Chinatown Almere B.V.

Transparency, Necessary to Create a Healthy Chinese Business Environment

With 20% of the world’s population, but only 9% of the farmland and 6% of the water resources, China has some serious challenges to produce sufficient food for its growing population. In the 2014 Number-One Document, which the Communist Party Central Committee publishes annually, one of the state’s top priorities was to reform and modernize the rural countryside. As a result, it is now possible for farmers to transfer or mortgage their contracted land, turn rights into shares in large-scale farming entities and import foreign science and technology. Western companies can actively contribute to developing and implementing these innovations. In this article we will look at the cooperation between East and West in this industry, taking the need the challenge of food waste in China as an example.

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