About China Inroads

  • Valérie Hoeks

    Valérie studied Sinology and is co-founder of China Inroads. She has been active in China since 2000. Valérie aims to establish successful longterm cooperation between European innovative clients and their Chinese counterparts. She travels to China on a regular basis.

  • Yalin Chen

    Yalin, our Beijing based Senior Consultant, finished an MBA program in Australia. With sound experience in operation, sales & marketing and consultancy, Yalin is essential to our clients. Yalin lived in France, the UK and Hong Kong and speaks Chinese, French and English.

  • Seprina Xue

    As Chinese shareholder of China Inroads, Seprina is responsible for the implementation of the projects taking place in and around Shanghai. Seprina is very driven and capable of building the communicative bridge between our European clients and their Chinese partners and clients.

  • Dorrit Sliepen

    Dorrit has a Master degree in Law & Technology and has studied in China for two years, both in Beijing and Shanghai. Dorrit did an internship in Yangling (Shaanxi province). As a Project Manager Dorrit runs ongoing projects with great passion.

  • Vicky Weng

    Vicky studied in Rotterdam and started as a trainee in our office in The Netherlands. She has gotten familiar with Dutch business culture and uses this knowledge in her daily work as project assistant in our office in Shanghai. Vicky is an essential part of our team thanks to her passion and determination.